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Agence Littéraire New Yorkais

Je peux annoncer que, de maintenant,  l’Agence Littéraire New Yorkais  William Clark & Associates ( engagée dans la vente de mes romans traduits. L’Agence a des associés un peu partout. Ci-dessous vous trouverez quelques marchés où elle est active. 

In addition to selling directly in the global English language markets, the agency works on a reciprocal basis with Ed Victor Ltd. (UK) in representing select properties to the US market and vice versa. Translation rights are sold directly in the German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American, French, Dutch, and Scandinavian territories; in association with Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd. (UK) through offices in China, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, and Hungary; and through corresponding agents in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand

Les jolies tètons de Femen

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