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Translation of novels
sponsoring and crowd funding

At the bottom of this page, you can find four pdf-files with

When you read the reviews, you will see that the books are often referred to as ‘international’ in scope and quality. Both translators of these fragments would be happy to translate both novels in their entirety so that they can be brought to the public’s attention in print or as e-books. Would you like to support this project? If so, you can buy translation participations on this site. Read my blog for more information about crowd funding.

Bank transfer

  • Transfer the amount (10 € x number of participations of your choice) to the following bank account:
  • IBAN: BE76 3770 0976 4095
  • Name: Bob Van Laerhoven
  • Address: Geraardsbergsesteenweg 261, 9860 Balegem, Belgium
  • Comment: ‘Translation participations’ + your name or the name of your organization
  • Proceed by filling in the order form

Visa/MasterCard or PayPal

  • Click ‘Pay now’ and fill in the number of participations (Quantity in the left column). Then, click ‘Update’ to confirm and proceed.
  • A PayPal account is not required. Pay as a guest with your credit card. PayPal will process your payment in a secure fashion.


When you buy translation participations for this project, you agree to the following:

  • The participations are being issued at a cost of 10€ per participation.
  • If, after 9 months (!), we are unable to accumulate the necessary funding to pay for the translations and the project has to be cancelled, the participants/sponsors will be refunded 80% of their investment. The remainder of the investment will be used to cover website hosting.
  • When funding is complete and a Publisher has been found for the translations, and when there is enough net profit to refund all participants/sponsors 50% of their funding, they will receive their first return. For instance, someone who has bought 10 participations will be refunded 50€.
  • When enough net profit has been earned to refund the next 50% to all participants/sponsors, the second participation return will commence.
  • If the novels are translated but do not find a Publisher, they will be published as e-books on international platforms. The same conditions for refunding are then applicable.
  • A year after publication, or placing of the e-book on the appropriate platforms, a copy of earned net profits will be published, taken from a bank account that has been exclusively reserved for this project, to enable participants/sponsors to follow the situation. At all times, the participants/sponsors can request a statement of the actual cost of translation via a copy of the translator’s invoice.
  • The blog on this website will keep you up to date on translation deadlines, comments from publishers, state of play on Publisher contract, etc.
  • Because this is a goodwill funding project, a ‘cultural’ bonus has been foreseen: when all participants/sponsors have been repaid, one hundred copies of the translated novel, signed and dedicated by the author, will be distributed among the participants. ‘Small’ participants and ‘big’ participants will be treated equally in the distribution.
  • Companies, self-employed sponsors and agencies can, at their request, receive an invoice for cultural sponsoring upward from 100 euro.

List of  participants/sponsors

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Translated fragments (English, French, Russian, Norwegian and Italian)

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