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De vinger van God - The finger of God - 2005

Award: Nominated for the Hercule Poirot Prize for the best Belgian thriller of the year

Peter Declerq, recently appointed liaison officer for South Africa, accompanies commissioner Stoei to Jerusalem in search of clues to a bomb attack on a Brussels mosque. Seamus and Kev, a couple of young Irish villains, arrive in Ostend intent on settling scores with Vivian Lathouders, the sister of Maurice, a corrupt policeman working for Antwerp’s financial crimes division. Albanian mafia boss Victor Hoxbal is bound by a blood feud and has to put his own life at risk. And when Emrullah, a childhood friend of inspector Samantha Duchène, and his organisation Moslims against Racism press for a confrontation with the authorities, Duchène and Declerq, who have just ended a relationship, are caught up in a maelstrom that can only lead in one direction, disaster.

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